Legal window

Commitment: 承諾:

For the goods show on the platform, can be provided all regular purchase invoice and corresponding after-sales service. Please be assured the purchase!


Genuine goods: 本物: assures you that all the goods sold are genuine with regular purchasing channels and all items can be provided machine printed or electronic invoices.


Worry-free returns: 安心の返品:

Customers purchasing from products within 7 days ( Calculated from the date received the products), But must makre sure the products are still in good condition can be returned. (Except for some special products such as customized etc.. )


For some special out of control situations on Ebox, such as sales area restrictions, Vendor pricing error etc.. If you have any legal complaints, Please email to our Legal Department directly. Email Address: [email protected] Your request will be processed within 2 business days!

販売エリア制限、サプライヤの価格設定エラー等特定なコントロール出来ない状況に不満がある場合、メールを送信してください。メールアドレス:[email protected]、弊社は受信して2営業日以内に処理させて頂きます。